"To Protect & Serve"

HazlEton Police Department

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Our Officers, Our Pride, Our Guardians
About this picture: officer Jessica Levine's mother Sally Corl, a retired Pennsylvania Water Way Conservation Officer pins Levine's badge on her during the ceremony. Levine will be the first female placed on active work patrol in the department. 
Picture:ERIC CONOVER/standardspeaker.com

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About this picture: ERIC CONOVER/standardspeaker.com. New Hazleton police officers are, from left: Colton John Kishel; Joshua Jacob Keller; Pedro Leandro Bautista; and Scott Harper Greene.


Our Mission Statement

The Hazleton Police Department is committed to provide the highest level of integrity, enforce and obey the laws and serve the entire Community of Hazleton with honor. 

…Above all else, to serve and protect.

Hazleton Police Department

The Hazleton City Police Department protects and serves the people of Greater Hazleton with commitment combined with state-of-the-art law enforcement tools. This unbeatable combination means Hazleton's police department is prepared to fight crime... and stop it before it starts. The City of Hazleton is served by its own paid police department 24-hours a day under the direction of Chief of Police Jerry Speziale.

Hazleton's Special Operations Group (SOG) is a professionally-trained unit of police officers equipped to handle virtually any law enforcement situation or emergency. Sometimes referred to as a "SWAT" team, this elite corp of officers receives special schooling at prestigious academies and institutions around the nation in the latest law enforcement techniques.

Although Hazleton does not experience very much serious crime, on a few occassions this elite group of officers has used its special skills to stop drug dealers in their footsteps and put them behind bars where they belong.
Some of the most dedicated officers of the Hazleton Police Department are the four-legged variety. The German Shepherds of Hazleton's K-9 Unit are specially trained to sniff out drugs, as well as protect human life. Officers also maintain contact with the children of the area by participating in DARE drug resistance education programs.